[aprssig] Waveform (signal) on MX614 RXIN pin?

Ron Tonneson ronton at southslope.net
Sun Jan 1 08:24:19 EST 2006


Yes, it looks like it is above and below the 2.5v.  To measure the 0.1Vp-p I was AC coupled on the scope.  Kind of hard 
to see and measure the p-p when DC coupled.  I agree it is a low signal but the TNC-X does a good job decoding.


James Washer wrote:
> Wow! thanks for the quick response. Are you seing true sine waves above the 2.5Vdc bias?
> Hmmm, 0.1Vp-p, that's quite small, amazing it can pick the signal out of that... 
> I'll have to break out my signal generator tomorrow and see what I can get it to do. All testing thus for has been trying to copy off the air, which can be a real pain without a storage scope..
>  - jim

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