[aprssig] Global FRS radio like AVRS

Ben Jackson bbj at innismir.net
Sun Feb 26 23:44:23 EST 2006

Dale Blanchard wrote:
> Matt Werner wrote:
>> I guess I missed the reference to APRS here...  What was it again?
> If you can hack it for ham radio , you can use it for APRS.
> That is on topic.
> But you can use APRS with FRS ham style , just not legal.


From: http://www.provide.net/~prsg/frsrules.htm

<deep announcer voice>
On February 10, 2003, the FCC released the Report and Order in WTB 
Docket 01-339. Those changes became effective April 2, 2003. This R&O 
modifies the FRS rules to permit location-reporting or 
location-requesting data transmissions, plus other brief text messages. 
The FCC intent is to retain FRS primarily for voice communications, but 
to permit brief data transmissions.
</deep announcer voice>

Doesn't the Garmin Rino do exactly this anyway?

> No one cares where any one one else is anyway.

Not particularly, I could see a lot of use for this on hiking trips, 
this would have been very handy on a few boy scouting trips I was on 
earlier in my life.

Some people want to communicated and are just not interested in taking 
their Ham Exam.

 > It is just a kind of vanity hobby were some one is tracking themselves
 > when they know were they are in the first place.
> I track myself all over the West on my motorcycle and no one cares were 
> I am except me and I know were I am even when I am lost. I have a GPS.

Errrr... Isn't posting this on an APRS list just looking for trouble? :D


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