[aprssig] Using a TNC as a CW Beacon Only

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sun Feb 19 12:43:30 EST 2006

scott at opentrac.org wrote:
> I can't answer your TNC question, but I've been thinking about reusing some
> of the OpenTracker code to build a CW ID unit using a single 8-pin IC.  It'd
> just need a capacitor and a couple of resistors on the output pin, and no
> external crystal or anything.  It'd have enough space for a few messages, so
> you could select the message to send using 2 or 3 inputs, plus a trigger
> input and maybe another input to select an auto-timed mode so you wouldn't
> need a 555 or anything.
> Programming it would require a small board to hook it up to a PC, but I
> could offer pre-programming.  Does anyone have something this scale yet?
> I've mostly just seen larger circuits with more external components.
> Scott
> N1VG 
Please DON'T !!!   We've already got several clueless users in  the L.A. 
area that seem to think they need to run 10 WPM CW IDs with every APRS 
beacon on the (overloaded) 144.39 channel every five minutes. 
(Apparently these IDs are being generated by TNCs connected to APRS apps.) 

 Between these guys and the ones beaconing raw NMEA-string-trackers once 
a minute 24/7 (while the car is in the driveway for two days!),   the 
channel is already overloaded enough!  

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