[aprssig] Using a TNC as a CW Beacon Only

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Sun Feb 19 13:45:29 EST 2006

> Please DON'T !!!   We've already got several clueless users 
> in  the L.A. 
> area that seem to think they need to run 10 WPM CW IDs with 
> every APRS 
> beacon on the (overloaded) 144.39 channel every five minutes. 

No, didn't mean to imply it was for APRS.  The internal oscillator is too
inaccurate and unstable for AX.25 with this chip, anyway.  It'd just be a
generic CW ID chip for whatever.  Sounds like someone's already done it with
a PIC, though.


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