[aprssig] Problem with Peet Brothers and KPC3+

Andy AB9FX ab9fx at aprs.pl
Sat Feb 18 21:08:12 EST 2006

Yes, please note http://www.peetbros.com/HTML_Pages/faqs.htm#Q6 for Modem 
Any command input will cause the Model 2000 to enter MODEM MODE.
So, is safe not connect input pin (6) from Ultimeter to Kantronics. Just 
ground (5) and output (3).

Now, under my tests is wx converter by SQ2FOA. The project is intended for 
our digi/wx SR3DGT where we used to run KPC3+ with Ultimeter in Packet Mode. 
Actually, there are KPC3+ and Ultimeter with WX Trak 
http://www.aprs.pl/gontyniec.htm connected to the same radio.
New project is fed with weather data stream from Ultimeter in Complete 
Record Mode and outputting wx data in Generic raw weather data 
(positionless) - p. 63 APRSspec.
The advantage of the project is compatibility with APRS standards. Rain is 
in 60 minutes window (r...), 24 hours window (p...), today (P...) instead of 
Ultimeter Packet Mode today rain and long term rain (from last reset, could 
be few months); wind is not only with gust, there is also average speed. All 
Kenwood stations could read the wx data. In the configuration you can choose 
what sensor you have, i.e. if there is no rain gauge, you do not send rain 
fields in the packet raw, if there is no humidity sensor you do not send 
h.., the same for pressure.
All the converter is on PIC16F87; power consumption is such low it could use 
5V from Ultimeter, except if the LCD is attached.
In the future should be wx data with position as the option, and some other 
Now the converter is under tests working as AB9FX-1 with Ultimeter 2100 and 
Kantronics KPC-3+. Output from wx converter is streamed to pin2 DB-9 radio 
port at KPC3+.
I use the same Ultimeter which is for my basic station AB9FX running Weather 
Display and UI-View. Good to compare wx data.
Fortunately, in Chicago temperature went down below zero, last night. I've 
discovered one bug in temperature conversion, should be easy to correct.
As the software type and station type we use at the end pU2k, is there any 
other soft already using p?

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> The Peet could have reset and you are in the wrong output mode for serial
> data.  Of course, it could be most anything, but that is a likely chance.
> I've not seen it do that, we have 6 of them on hilltops, but it sure is
> possible.
> Good luck.
> 73 N7HQR
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>> I have a really weird problem going on and looking for assistance.  We
>> recently reloaded the K7D3 (KC8LCP) weather station in Michigan.  The TNC
>> and Peet Brothers 2k were both fully reset and reconfiged.  We got 
>> quality
>> data for about 2hrs looking at findu.com and now the weather packet has
>> not
>> changed in the TNC at all.  It is stuck at the same setting.  Anyone know
>> why this would be?  Could it be the Peet is reverting out of $ULTW and
>> back
>> to !! or something?
>> Mike
>> Kb8zgl
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