[aprssig] Problem with Peet Brothers and KPC3+

Daron J. Wilson daron at wilson.org
Sat Feb 18 19:25:53 EST 2006

The Peet could have reset and you are in the wrong output mode for serial
data.  Of course, it could be most anything, but that is a likely chance.
I've not seen it do that, we have 6 of them on hilltops, but it sure is

Good luck.

73 N7HQR

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> I have a really weird problem going on and looking for assistance.  We
> recently reloaded the K7D3 (KC8LCP) weather station in Michigan.  The TNC
> and Peet Brothers 2k were both fully reset and reconfiged.  We got quality
> data for about 2hrs looking at findu.com and now the weather packet has
> not
> changed in the TNC at all.  It is stuck at the same setting.  Anyone know
> why this would be?  Could it be the Peet is reverting out of $ULTW and
> back
> to !! or something?
> Mike
> Kb8zgl
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