[aprssig] Multiple Clients with AGWPE

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This question is for Packet Engine Yahoo group list.........

Packet Engine sends back frames transmitted by  connected applications
indicated as "Transmitted". So an application may choose to discard those

If you wish to send packets between applications connected to Packet Engine
then you should add a loopback port.
Loopback port is a port that behaves like a tnc but only receives and sends
packets to applications connected to Packet Engine.
That way when the Digi_Ned transmits will send the packet also over the
loopback port. That way JavAPRSSrv and WinAPRS will receive all those

Loopback port has first added to help developers check their application
without transmitting over the air. But later we found many uses for it. Like
connect to running BBS or digi to remote control etc


micro USB TNT (A pocket TNC with Build in Tracker and APRS digi with USB and
battery for portable operation)

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Greetings, All. I have WinAPRS, JavAPRSSrvr, and Digi_Ned on my network
using AGWPE connected to a TNC. WinAPRS and Digi_Ned are on the same
computer, but everything else is on their own machine.
I have commented out the digi rules in Digi_Ned so to not interfere. I
primarily use Digi_Ned for its information server, but might change to it
for the digi since I can watch activity with it.

WinAPRS can hear JavAPRSSrvr, but my problem is WinAPRS cannot hear
Digi_Ned. Is there an echo option in AGWPE that I couldn't find, or does a
system like this depend on the repeated packet from a digi?
If the latter, is it true that t Digi_Ned uses the reverse path and won't go
through a digi if the station is local, correct?



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