[aprssig] Multiple Clients with AGWPE

Paul Kronenwetter n2kiq at arrl.net
Sat Feb 18 10:55:00 EST 2006


  It's been my experience that the applications that share the same 
AGWPE service can't hear each other.  For my purposes it hasn't caused 
any significant problems. 

  If you want to be sure that digi_ned doesn't re-digi something from 
your WinAPRS station that's heard over RF, check out the "block" 
directive for digi_ned.  If you add the WinAPRS call to the block list, 
digi_ned will essentially ignore it.  Since they're the same radio, 
that's probably a good thing.

Orange County FL ARES/RACES
AEC Technology

n1iic Jason Greene wrote:

> Greetings, All. I have WinAPRS, JavAPRSSrvr, and Digi_Ned on my 
> network using AGWPE connected to a TNC. WinAPRS and Digi_Ned are on 
> the same computer, but everything else is on their own machine.
> I have commented out the digi rules in Digi_Ned so to not interfere. I 
> primarily use Digi_Ned for its information server, but might change to 
> it for the digi since I can watch activity with it.
> WinAPRS can hear JavAPRSSrvr, but my problem is WinAPRS cannot hear 
> Digi_Ned. Is there an echo option in AGWPE that I couldn't find, or 
> does a system like this depend on the repeated packet from a digi?
> If the latter, is it true that t Digi_Ned uses the reverse path and 
> won't go through a digi if the station is local, correct?
> Thanks
> Jason
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