[aprssig] Multiple Clients with AGWPE

n1iic Jason Greene email at hamsrc.com
Fri Feb 17 19:24:22 EST 2006

Greetings, All. I have WinAPRS, JavAPRSSrvr, and Digi_Ned on my network 
using AGWPE connected to a TNC. WinAPRS and Digi_Ned are on the same 
computer, but everything else is on their own machine.
I have commented out the digi rules in Digi_Ned so to not interfere. I 
primarily use Digi_Ned for its information server, but might change to 
it for the digi since I can watch activity with it.

WinAPRS can hear JavAPRSSrvr, but my problem is WinAPRS cannot hear 
Digi_Ned. Is there an echo option in AGWPE that I couldn't find, or does 
a system like this depend on the repeated packet from a digi?
If the latter, is it true that t Digi_Ned uses the reverse path and 
won't go through a digi if the station is local, correct?



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