[aprssig] APRS and EchoLink

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Feb 17 12:05:25 EST 2006

There was supposed to be a similar solution for
ECHOlink so that IGates could send out the
beacons for the local nodes.  This is so that 
travelers always have on the screens of their
D7 or D700 mobile the location and freq of the
nearest nodes...  de WB4APR, Bob

>>> ve7gdh at rac.ca 02/17/06 11:55 AM >>>
Bruce KQ4TV wrote on Feb 17 2006

> The ... ARC has a repeater with attached EchoLink
> hardware. We also have an APRS iGate....
> Is there... some way to have the iGate ... transmit 
> ECHOlink beacon... via RF?

>There is an "off the shelf" solution for an IRLP node....
> There is an add-on in the IRLP Yahoo group files area. 
> It sends the status of an IRLP node to an APRS server. 
>The operator of a local IGate can gate the status via RF. 
>Could the IRLP add-on be adapted, or is there a
>similar solution for EchoLink?
>Look for IRLP node 1147 ... for an example.
>Make sure the * gets included for a wild-card 
>on the end of the following URL.     

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