[aprssig] Speaker mic cables

Tyson S. timbercutter at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 9 23:29:19 EST 2006

Very cool, I knew there was a reason I have not stopped at Radio Shack
for the last few days that I have been meaning to. I will be ordering
one (or two) shortly. Thanks.

--- scott at opentrac.org wrote:

> They're finally here - I got frustrated with never being able to find
> plain
> old straight speaker mic cables without having to scavenge them from
> other
> equipment, so I found a factory in China that makes radio accessories
> and
> imported a considerable pile of 'em.  Would have preferred a domestic
> source, but no one seems to make them here.  Not counting setup, it
> would
> have cost me at least twice as much to get them made in the US, even
> taking
> into account shipping and import duties.
> Anyway, I ought to have enough of a stockpile now to keep the APRS
> community
> supplied for awhile.  If there's enough interest, I can get the
> Kenwood
> style (and several other types as well.)  I'd carry every type of
> radio
> cable this place makes, but minimum orders are somewhat
> prohibitive...
> I'm selling them for $5 each, or $4 for quantity 5 or more:
> http://www.argentdata.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=30
> Scott
> N1VG

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