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  > I have bought a bunch of cables with bare leads on one end
> and the 2.5MM
> stereo miniplug on the other from Mouser. They offer them with either
> straight or right-angle plugs molded on for $2.50-$3.50 depending on
> length.

Sounds like the same thing, or pretty close.  Guess I'm about right on 
price.  I like these because they've got compact connectors that don't 
way out, and the cable is the perfect size for the molded strain reliefs
I've got, so they go well with the DB9s.  Not planning on selling them
assembled at this point, though.

Does the D700 use the same GPS connector on the front?  Or is that a 
like the DR-135T?

The D700 GPS cable is exactly the same as the TH-D7.....

The difference is in the main serial port connector.

The TH-D7 uses a second 2.5MM stereo mini here while the D700 uses 
(maddeningly) a male DB9 connector with full  handshaking lines on the 
panel.  I say maddeningly because if it was female, a normal 
straight-through male-to-female AT modem cable (i.e. male-to-female DB9 
"extension cord") would work to connect the 700 to a PC.

I always permanently screw on a female-female mini gender-changer to a 
D700's serial port.  Makes the D700 female as it should be for a PC 
peripheral, and also protects the easily-broken male pins of the 
built-in DB9 connector.

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