[aprssig] Waypoint truncation

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Feb 6 06:57:31 EST 2006

The waypoint convention has to use the right most
characters or else one gets ping-ponging position
plots when a given amateur call has more than one
station on the air.  I think your idea of omiting the
"-" is a good one, since it would let even stations with
5 character calls, use a 1 digiit SSID and still fully
show on the GPS map..  Bob

>>> scott at opentrac.org 02/05/06 2:53 PM >>>
What does everyone think of the waypoint name truncation as practiced by the
Kenwoods?  Their method of handling names greater than 6 characters (or
whatever the limit is set to) is to use only the rightmost n characters.  So
KB6YUO-15 becomes YUO-15, and N1VG-11 becomes 1VG-11.

I guess the scheme makes sense, because at least you're not likely to
overwrite a -1 station with a -15 and vice versa.  For my new tracker I'm
considering adding the extra step of removing the '-' if the name won't fit.
That way, N1VG-11 would become N1VG11.  KB6YUO-15 still wouldn't fit, but
you'd still get an extra character, as 6YUO15.

Any suggestions for other ways to handle long names?  And do any receivers
support between 6 and 9 characters?  All of the units I've tested have
either supported only 6, or 9 or more.  Also, is anyone using a Kenwood in
Magellan output mode?


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