[aprssig] Magellan GPS needed for testing

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sun Feb 5 23:05:28 EST 2006

Basic support for the Magellan interface protocol turns out to be pretty
easy - way easier than Garmin, anyway.  I don't happen to have a Magellan
GPS receiver for testing, though, so I'm hoping someone out there has a
reasonably recent Meridian or SporTrak (with data cable) that they could
loan me for a week or so to test Magellan protocol support in the Tracker2.

I'll offer the same deal I've been giving for the Garmin loaners - a free
OpenTracker kit, or credit toward the Tracker2 when it's available.

I'm hoping this won't even have to be a configuration option, and I'll be
able to send Magellan format waypoints ($PMGNWPL) along with the NMEA
output, so you'll be able to plug in any (non-USB) Magellan receiver and get
altitudes, comments, and symbols instead of just dots and names.

And if you've already responded with an offer of a Garmin and I haven't
gotten back to you, don't worry - I'm still working my way through the list.



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