[aprssig] TEMPn-n on D700 mobile

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Feb 1 16:35:17 EST 2006

>Tell me again why we can't just put the TEMPn-N alias 
>in the APRS UIDIGI menu of the Kenwood D700 -- as opposed 
>to needing a computer to set it via PACKET mode.

Because it is not just an "alias".  It is a "mechanism" that
only works with the UITRACE parameter which is only
reachable via the full TNC menu using an external PC.

The UIDIGI list is as you say, just an alias list.  It works
great for temporarily turrning on WIDE1-1 digipeating.
Remember, the reason WIDE1-1 works on absolutely 
any TNC digipeater is because it is not really a WIDEn-N
function, but simply a unique ALIAS that just happens
to work *either* as an ALIAS or as a WIDEn-N.

>It would be so easy -- and more likely to be implemented 
>-- if we could do it via the APRS menu.

Well, but that can also mean it can be set too easily and
wrongly as well.  Better to make an intentinoal effort to
set it with a PC, adn then never have to do it again.


Ralph KC2RLM

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