[aprssig] Igating message traffic

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Feb 1 21:08:14 EST 2006

Anyone around who can send me a test message or two?  I'm trying to
determine if my Igate is properly gating messages (and acks) back to RF.
Findu shows messages as being ACK'd but I don't get them on RF.  I'm not
seeing them on my message-only feed from rotate.aprs.net either.  Not sure
if I've got an Igate config problem, a server filter problem, or I'm
misinterpreting what I'm seeing on Findu.

My Xastir client is N1VG-1 and my D7A is N1VG-7.  A short message to either
would be appreciated.  But not more than 2 hours from now (6 PM Pacific) - I
don't want messages coming in all night!  N1VG-4 is a Tracker2 prototype
that should ACK messages, but if it catches fire or anything I'll unplug it,
so don't be surprised if it doesn't answer.


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