[aprssig] Thundering Silence

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon May 30 22:35:18 EDT 2005

>>> ramirault at erols.com 05/30/05 3:15 PM >>>
>And how many of those hams ... do you expect to have 
>APRS running on every vehicle they own??
>(awfully hard to get my D700 up and running on my 
>new bike ...

I have a D700 in a black camera bag, not much larger than
a cigar box.  It is my GO kit.  It contains a laptop power 
supply no larger than a cigarette pack that can  power the
D700 on low power.  Along with one of the tiny mag-mounts
(magent about the size of ahershey's kiss), it is a complete
APRS station with BASE power supply.

I can use it anywhere.  I even carry it on trips for rental
cars, because it is easier to watch the heads-up
display on the D700 remote control head than fumbling
with the D7 while driving.

It only takes seconds to remove my D700 from my
car and control head to travel.  (I have a duplicate
set of the cables in the travel kit, so I dont have
to destroy the permanent mounting in my car.


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Subject: [aprssig] Thundering Silence

> With 300,000 motorcycles participating in the
> Rolling Thunder ride on the capital of Wash DC
> today it is disappointing not to see a single
> APRS bike.
> Statistcally, there should be 600 Hams among
> them,  And of those 1 in 60 should be on APRS.
> for at least 10.
> Hummh... Maybe those 10 stayed home
> to watch it on the internet.. <wink>

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