[aprssig] Generic WIDE still works - surprised

Mike Heskett mheskett at mindspring.com
Fri May 27 11:49:47 EDT 2005

At 10:10 05/27/2005, you wrote:
> >In a bulletin...
> >K5FTW-5 will change to new paradigm (CUTOFF) 6/1/05
>Thus, I removed the CUTOFF method from my web
>page, because the only place that really needed it
>was the LA basin and although it looks like it
>can be set to one or two hops, that is really missleading
>because every packet going through a CUTOFF digi
>will go no further.  Meaning a 2 hop can come in,
>but a 2 hop cannot go out.
>So I wonder if this is really a "CUTOFF" digi as that
>nomenclature was originally used, or if he simply
>meas that RELAY and WIDE will be "cutoff" on that

Well Bob, now you have me really confused. You listed K5FTW-5 in your list 
of "too busy" digipeaters. Now you say CUTOFF was just for LA and you have 
removed it from your webpage. Well just minutes ago I copied this:

Settings for HIGH DENSITY WIDEn-N DIGIPEATERS (CUTOFF Solution)    5 May 05

This CUTOFF solution is a drastic approach to cutting off out of area
large N traffic.  As more an more areas adopt the New-N-Paradigm and
begin trapping our large values of N at their source, this CUTOFF solution
will not typically be needed.

from: http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprs/kpc3+WIDEnCUT.txt

based on the fact that the mobile got digipeated all the way from Texas to 
Chicago, maybe we shouldn't change anything. If we do we will see less 
packets digipeated - a lot of it from the fact that people haven't changed 
their paths and will then be orphaned - yes because they haven't kept 
themselves abreast of the changes - but orphaned non the less.

Yes, I had planned to implement true CUTOFF for K5FTW-5, now I don't know 
if I will or maybe just leave it alone until you change your mind 
AGAIN!!!!! I am sorry if I sound bitter, but I think this is part of the 
reason that more digis haven't been changed up to this point.

Mike Heskett
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