[aprssig] Generic WIDE still works - surprised

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri May 27 10:10:02 EDT 2005

>In a bulletin...
>K5FTW-5 will change to new paradigm (CUTOFF) 6/1/05

Just an observation about terminology.
The New-N paradigm evolved over several months
as we got good feedback from everyone on the 
APRSSIG and finally arrived at the best solution
for all.  During that process, we called the drastic
approach "CUTOFF" because those digis would
turn off everything except local 1 and 2-hops to cut 
down out of area QRM.

Then we did the user density map and discovered 
that this only applies in a very few areas.  AND that
most of the load on the network was really coming
fromn RELAY, and WIDE usage and not that much
from distnant big N's.

Thus, I removed the CUTOFF method from my web
page, because the only place that really needed it
was the LA basin and although it looks like it 
can be set to one or two hops, that is really missleading
because every packet going through a CUTOFF digi
will go no further.  Meaning a 2 hop can come in,
but a 2 hop cannot go out.

So I wonder if this is really a "CUTOFF" digi as that
nomenclature was originally used, or if he simply
meas that RELAY and WIDE will be "cutoff" on that

Just a thought about nomencluature...


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