[aprssig] Generic WIDE still works - surprised

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri May 27 13:43:49 EDT 2005

>Well Bob, now you have me really confused. 
>You listed K5FTW-5 in your list  of "too busy" 
>digipeaters. Now you say CUTOFF was just for LA 
>and you have removed it from your webpage.

OOps, sorry, you are right, I did not remove it, but
just toned it down from its original.  It is a very
drastic step eliminating all traffic except one hop
and with all that we have learened recently, I think
this is not needed anywhere other than LA.  I
was just trying to help if this wasnt clearly understood.

>based on the fact that the mobile got digipeated 
>all the way from Texas to Chicago, maybe we 
>shouldn't change anything. ...or maybe just 
>leave it alone until you change your mind 

I am sorry that some people seem to think I am
making all this up and am changing it as we go 
along, but nothing could be further from reality.
All I did was lead a discussion here on the sig
by PROPOSING various solutions and getting
FEEDBACK from the all of the users.  Som of the
proposals and ideas were better than others.
Some were BAD ideas (LINK-N).

I'm sorry that you see good technical discussion
of a very complex system of the eintire 800 national
digipeters frustrating.  It is frustrating to me too
to thinkn that we all have a good solutoin only to
find that some previously invisible bug in some ROM
somewhere wont work that way.  Then we have
to make a work around.

This interchange and dialoge HAS arrived at what
the consensus of digi sysops belives is the best
for everyone with what we have.  Believe me, the
last 4 months of thousands of emails has sure
taken a lot of my time.   But let me make it very

This is not just BOB CHANGING HIS MIND.

It is Bob working with everyone on the sig to
find the BEST solution that will work everywhere
with what we have... AND taking into account
all of the various KPC-3 ROM versions, and all 
of the UIDIGI ROM features, and all of the
PacComm rom settings and developing work-arounds
where needed.   It was a circuitous route.
But I think we have arrived.

>I am sorry if I sound bitter, but I think this is 
>part of the reason that more digis haven't been 
>changed up to this point.

Yes, those that waited did not have to go through
the learning process as we discovered the various
ROM anomolies.   No reason to sound bitter.  We
are all just trying to help...

P.S.  I am going to remove that list of too-busy
digipeaters, since that was develped long before
we relized that most of the problems were the
dupes and not so much the Big-N paths.  So
I do not want that list to be missleading..

thanks for bringing it to my atttention.

de WB4APR, Bob

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