[aprssig] UI-TERA and Terraservice

Brian Webster bwebster at wirelessmapping.com
Tue May 24 14:24:39 EDT 2005

Use Radio Mobile http://www.cplus.org/rmw/english1.html, it automatically
downloads the Terra Server images (color if they are available) and makes a
map of the area of interest that you create. When you save the image (Map)
the program automatically generates the .ini file for use in Ui-View. You
can also do this with topo maps off the terra server site. Radio Mobile is
not the easiest thing to learn but for your purposes just to create maps it
should be fairly quick to pick up. I know it will save you a lot of time
creating the maps. The search and rescue guys could make good use of this
feature too.

Brian, N2KGC

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Hi, Is there anyone here who has done anything towards automating the
process of downloading and converting files from Terraserver to use in
UIVIEW32? I have been using UI-Tera and it is a great tool, but you
have to manually do one map at a time. I am looking for a way to have
some software or something that can read an excel spreadsheet of
lat/longs and create UIVIEW maps and .INI files from the Terraserver
topo map server. What I have is a list of legal descriptions with the
Lat/Longs for the center of each section of each township and range.
For the area I live in there are 4,832 Sections and I really don't want
to have to type that all in by hand. If there was a solution then it
would be really easy for people to have both topo and aerial photos of
the areas that they live in nationwide.

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