[aprssig] APRServe??

Robbie - WA9INF mwrobertson at comcast.net
Tue May 24 13:04:35 EDT 2005

Hi Glenn,

Although I do run WinAPRS occasionally since I've become addicted to 
UI-View32, the best thing that has happened for APRS in a long time were 
the APRS filter servers! I use them as much as I use any other tools. I 
set area filters a lot for my observations of different. I set Buddy 
filters, and I use Friend filters, Weather type and on and on.

Many many APRS users use the filter ports now because the increase of 
APRS users have increased so much in the last few years, most computers 
go to their knees in about an hour or so with the deluge of stations and 
screen refreshing, you can not even control the computer any more!

I seem to remember that some one indicated that the filter message can 
be sent at log on time with WinAPRS, but I don't remember the 
procedure.. I just long on to the server and port 14580, then being 
satisfied that I connected, I will send a message to SERVER and in the 
body of the message I type "filter r/42/-88/100" without the quotes of 
course, and include any other filters you wish each after a space.
The area filter can be used for your location, your friends location, or 
the Hamvention just past!

Enjoy Glenn, lots of fun...


Glenn Wiebe wrote:
> When I started this thread I assumed that hundreds of WinAPRS users 
> where already doing what I wanted to do. Surprise! Really all I would 
> like to do is click on Settings/TCP/IP and select from a list of 
> previously entered servers. I would then view all station heard 
> (filtered) by that server and would be able to exchange one liners if 
> desired just as though I was in that area.
> Java seems to be a prerequisite, something I am not familiar with. Here 
> using XP/SP2. A search on "Java" turned up many hits so I assume I can 
> use that mode.
> Sending an email to a server setting up filter parameters sounds like a 
> great feature, something I haven't tried yet.
> 73 de Glenn...VE4GN
> AE5PL Lists wrote:
>> That is fine, but we still need to know if (and in what versions)
>> WinAPRS supports automatically setting server filters at login.  We know
>> it supports sending messages (so the APRS message method of setting a
>> filter is ok), but I don't know whether there is a mechanism built-in to
>> automatically set filters at connection/login time.
>> Any help from the WinAPRS users/authors?
>> 73,
>> Pete Loveall AE5PL
>> mailto:pete at ae5pl.net 

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