[aprssig] APRServe??

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue May 24 13:23:03 EDT 2005

On May 24, 2005, at 1:04 PM, Robbie - WA9INF wrote:

> The area filter can be used for your location, your friends  
> location, or the Hamvention just past!

I know everyone means well, but this is not what he is asking. He  
wants a list of regional filtered feeds. He does not wish to enter  
different filter strings into any program to view different areas. He  
wants to "read the mail" in different areas and maybe ragchew.

Glenn, the reason why you are not getting the answer you are asking  
for is that it is not a common request. Most people use APRS for  
their local area, so it is no problem figuring out a filter string  
and using it, or knowing if there is a local feed that is already  

Have you tried using WinAPRS (or UI-View) connecting to  
rotate.aprs.net on port 23? For what you want, it might be fine.  
Filtered feeds are a result of long-term instability of some programs  
getting a full feed, but for short looking around and ragchew  
sessions, you might find it works fine. If not, and you want to look  
at different areas, the best I can think of is using this site:


to show many of the second and third tier hubs, and clicking on the  
graph at the right of each line to see the status page, part of that  
is usually a list of ports and what they feed, look there for any  
local feed ports.

Steve K4HG

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