[aprssig] APRServe??

Glenn Wiebe gswiebe at mb.sympatico.ca
Tue May 24 12:20:02 EDT 2005

When I started this thread I assumed that hundreds of WinAPRS users where 
already doing what I wanted to do. Surprise! Really all I would like to do is 
click on Settings/TCP/IP and select from a list of previously entered servers. I 
would then view all station heard (filtered) by that server and would be able to 
exchange one liners if desired just as though I was in that area.

Java seems to be a prerequisite, something I am not familiar with. Here using 
XP/SP2. A search on "Java" turned up many hits so I assume I can use that mode.

Sending an email to a server setting up filter parameters sounds like a great 
feature, something I haven't tried yet.

73 de Glenn...VE4GN

AE5PL Lists wrote:

> That is fine, but we still need to know if (and in what versions)
> WinAPRS supports automatically setting server filters at login.  We know
> it supports sending messages (so the APRS message method of setting a
> filter is ok), but I don't know whether there is a mechanism built-in to
> automatically set filters at connection/login time.
> Any help from the WinAPRS users/authors?
> 73,
> Pete Loveall AE5PL
> mailto:pete at ae5pl.net 

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