[aprssig] D700 owners Packet Capability Urgent

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Mon May 23 18:28:13 EDT 2005

Put TNC is 'TNC PKT' mode and connect to a laptop.  Expect problems at
9600 baud with buffering, and keep the frame lengths to 127 bytes or
less.  Should be OK.  I agree with Eric though... use a "real" external
TNC for the heavy lifting.


Floyd Rodgers wrote:

>I need to know QUICKLY just how well the tnc in the
>D700 plays as related to normal packet operations. The
>senario is a county wide packet network sending files
>and messages between about 50 positions. I've been
>told by a few that the TNC is a minimal capable unit
>and may not be up to this task. Please give me your
>opinion as to whether it would be better to have a
>dualband rig and a KPC3/KPC9612/KAMXL or if the D700
>is up to this task. Please backup your opinion with
>examples of pro or con. I have 24 hours to decide....
>KC5QBC Floyd
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