[aprssig] findU and RSS

Brad McConahay brad at n8qq.com
Sun May 22 21:09:33 EDT 2005

Steve Dimse wrote: 
> No, what is cool about it is that the reader keeps track of what
> is new. The first time you run the near, msg, or warn feeds,
> every item is new, but from then on, you only get notification
> of new warnings, messages, and stations which have appeared.

Yeah, that's true.  I've just gotten to the point where I don't really use
notification any more because I just look at my list of feeds every hour or
so anyway, since there's always new content of some kind.  So the state of a
findu feed won't affect me like it does for news items.  The big selling
point for me is to just have the feed in the same spot with everything else
I check regularly.

> Anyway, from what Brad says it seems there is not much you can
> do now if you are a Windows user to get this sort of
> functionality, ...

Granted, you have to install the Windows taskbar notifier thingy for
bloglines.  But I'm not sure how the functionality is so much different than
having it integrated into the browser.  They are both viewed from within the
browser window.  "going to a website" isn't much different than going to
your feed list.  *beep* -> (a window pops up, if so-configured) -> *click*
-> you're now viewing feeds.

> ...at some point I'll take a look at the web based
> service he mentions to be sure findU's RSS supports it, or if
> someone else has used it with findU I'd appreciate your comments.

The findu feeds work fine with it.  Bloglines will read any known version of
RSS or Atom.

> As to multiple machines, I do not worry much about this as I use
> my laptop for everything, but state info is automatically synced
> through iSync via .Mac, just like bookmarks, email, etc. if you
> have that service.

I wouldn't accuse .Mac of being prohibitively expensive, but I can't see
directly paying Apple (or Microsoft) to sync anything.  And without that
service, Safari is basically just like a standalone reader.  Personally, I
don't want RSS directly integrated with any particular browser ... that's
the perfect way to limit choice.  I'd like to have a reader work with any
OS, any browser, and any machine that's connected to the Internet, at any

For a browser-specific RSS solution, I'd be more curious to see what can be
done with Firefox's live bookmarks and del.icio.us.  But even then, that's
still not really ubiquitous enough, IMO.

> and what, you guys only have to wait about 18 more months
> for Longhorn, right? findU will be ready when you are! ;-)

Hmm... I think Linux and Windows RSS users might be wondering what took
findU so long to find RSS! ;)

Brad N8QQ

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