[aprssig] findU and RSS

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sun May 22 22:24:48 EDT 2005

On May 22, 2005, at 9:09 PM, Brad McConahay wrote:

> Hmm... I think Linux and Windows RSS users might be wondering what  
> took
> findU so long to find RSS! ;)

I'd looked at RSS before, but never really got what made it useful  
until I saw it tightly integrated with the browser. In my defense,  
I'll add that I don't recall anyone ever asking for it. Anyway, you  
are the XML guy, you have the ability to do this, so why didn't YOU  
do it? ;-)

So far though there are only about 10 RSS subscriptions to the findU  
feeds, so there doesn't seem to have been a huge pent-up demand. I  
suspect I've implemented this in plenty of time for most of findU's  
users, and like I said, I'm doing it just because it is cool for me!

Steve K4HG

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