[aprssig] Re: PCSat

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu May 19 09:32:07 EDT 2005

>Is it alive??  I was just looking at the pcsat.aprs.org
> page at Findu and it shows a lot of stations recently 
>(within the last day) digipeating through it...

PCsat is always "alive", but can only muster enough
power to get out a complete packet when it is in
near mid-day sun in the Northern hemisphere the
higher the latitude the better in the summer.

Over the next 2 weeks PCsat is entering one of thoes
periods.  The 20 or so stations you see on the LIVE
web page are probably unattended beacons.  But
if u hear good packets on 145.825 from PCsat during
mid-day, go ahead and use it...

Fortunately it will be in 100% sun during FD, but
Unfortunately, all that sun is from the side and
misses the best solar panel.  Experience has shown
it will be useless at that time.

de WB4APR 

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