[aprssig] Pm maps 3.5, winaprs ?

Brian Webster bwebster at wirelessmapping.com
Mon May 16 09:17:52 EDT 2005

	If you look at the Winaprs TAPR download site, there is a special version
of Winapars with the new features but works with the old PMaps version. I
think it is version 2.7.6, the nice thing is this version eliminates the
mic-E conversion problem if you are gating any RF traffic to the internet.
This version also has the Tiger map server features if you want to try them.
If you already have version 2.5.1 running, you just need to put a copy of
the new executable in the same directory and run it. You don't need to kill
your old version. There is a minor bug, for each PMap window you have open
you will have an additional button on your taskbar. It does not seem to
bother anything other than take up space on the taskbar.

Brian, N2KGC

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Hello Mark,

This is an old thread from January or so.

I have done the installation of pmapOCX and made sure
the correct drive letter is showing to read the CD.
With the newer versions of WinAPRS I lose street level

Now, I have not installed the PM to my hard drive
since it did work before with WinAPRS without
installation or copying any files to the hard drive.

I went back to 2.5.1 in order to keep my old PM 3.5 in

If your post is in regard to the newest version of
PMAP then I am still out of luck because I haven't
shelled out the $50? to buy the new version(s).

If you can elaborate any further or reiterate any
further, I would appreciate clearing up the mud.

Chris Rose

--- Mark Sproul <kb2ici at amsat.org> wrote:
> In order to run any version of Pmap with WinAPRS,
> you do have to
> install the pmap OCX. There are 2 different versions
> and the latest
> is on www.winaprs.org
> If it is not working on the street level, you have
> to either copy the
> files to the C drive or configure WinAPRS for the
> correct CD-ROM
> drive letter. This is done from the PMAP settings
> dialog accessed
> from one of the buttons on the right edge of the
> PMAP screen.
> Mark

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