[aprssig] Re: [uidigi] Shoehorning the 'New Paradigm' into UIDIGI 1.9B3 - Revised

Dennis Hudson n2lbt at spamcop.net
Fri May 13 13:52:04 EDT 2005

Thanks Ron for the work on this. We are just going over your data and  
we talking about a wish item for Marco, after the bugs are worked out  
of course.

The ability to drop a particular packet. If we could ignore W3-1,  
W4-2 and W4-1 we could really clean up our network. The biggest  
problem for us on the east coast is we can be in 2-3 hop range of 3-5  
metro areas. People are always saying, "We're not in a Metro area, so  
it shouldn't be that bad". True, it's not traffic that originates  
here it's the traffic that terminates here that causes the problem.  
Although I'm sure our neighbors to the South and West appreciate us  
cutting off 4-2 and 3-2 etc, it still transmits the same amount of  
packets in our area. The dupe detection for WIDEn-n was working fine  
even back at 1.8b6 so this really changes nothing for us locally, yes  
it's best for the community at large but we're still stuck with  
getting everybody's trash, and we have to digi it one more time.

Dennis Hudson, N2LBT
Albany, NY

On May 12, 2005, at 9:24 PM, Ron Stordahl wrote:

> The UIDIGI-ROM can, with appropriate parameter settings, partially
> implement the 'New Paradigm' promoted by Bob Bruninga WB4APR.
> It's not a complete solution, but it is the best we can do until such
> time as Marco Savegnano IW3FQG makes code changes to support 'New-N'
> more fully.
> The files supporting this may be found at
> http://dxspots.com/FIX14439_UIDIGI-ROM.html
> <http://dxspots.com/FIX14439_UIDIGI-ROM>
> and in the Files Section of the UIDIGI Yahoo Groups in the  
> New_Paradigm
> folder.
> Ron, N5IN

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