[aprssig] WinAPRS as IGate

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Thu May 12 11:02:29 EDT 2005

See below

William McKeehan wrote:

>I am part of a group that is going to be tracking a balloon this Saturday in
>East TN (see http://balloon.utarc.org). The current projected path that the
>balloon will take has poor digi coverage, so I am asking that anyone with
>capabilities to IGate (RF to Internet) the balloon's packets do so. We will
>have some people monitoring the internet feed to keep up with the balloon;
>some will assist the recovery team by watching to for packets that the
>recovery team does not hear directly or via a digi, others just to watch the
>balloon's flight. One person in this area runs WinAPRS, and is willing to turn
>it on as an IGate for this event...but he does not know how.
>When I tried WinAPRS, I found that enabling an internet connection would
>quickly cause my stations list to fill up and then things would stop showing
>on my screen. Is there anyway to have WinAPRS connect to a filtered port?
There sure is!  Well, sorta.  You need to edit the file "APRServe.txt".  
Pay particular attention to the format.  I suggest deleteing a few of 
the default entries and putting the new entries right in there.  This 
allows you to set the server and port.  WinAPRS does not support 
automatic sending of the filter strings, so you need to do one of two 
things.  First, check www.aprs2.net for some other port options.  All of 
the servers have a 10154 USA port, and a 14579 regional port based on 
where they are.  You should be able to find one in your area (try 
tennessee.aprs2.net:14579 or indiana.aprs2.net:14579 for East Coast 
coverage).  If you want to use the 14580 filter port, you need to send a 
message to "SERVER" and then put the filter string you want in the 
message text once you are connected.

Phil Pacier - AD6NH
Tier 2 Coordinator

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