[aprssig] Help explaining packets

David L. Martin dlmarti at kc2lcf.net
Wed May 11 14:12:03 EDT 2005

> > No I am _not_ hearing him via digi or direct, at least not 
> > consistently.
> Your original post and question were about third-party packets gated to
> RF by Ken's IGate.  You received those packets at your station (hence
> your posting of them).  Whether you "consistently" hear his station had
> nothing to do with my question.  

I don't hear him normally, his position reports have a path of WIDE2-2
which doesn't reach me.  When he gates packets to RF he uses a path of
WIDE3-3, which I do hear.

> The question was asked in an attempt to
> determine whether UI-View gates to RF packets from stations it hears on
> RF.  
> Your response has nothing to do with that question and was, in
> fact, misleading and inaccurate.

You caught me, that was my entire intent to be misleading and
inaccurate, thanks...

> > Personnally, I don't understand the need for IGATES to gate 
> > to RF at all.  But I'm willing to concede that this could be 
> > important to some people.
> Then you don't understand internetworking concepts nor the basic design
> concepts and constraints of the UI protocol used by APRS.  As has been
> put forth many times before on this SIG and elsewhere, attempts to use
> APRS for multihop messaging is at best futile and at worst causing QRM
> across wide areas.

Your missing the point, I said I have no need for messages to be gated
from the internet.  All my messaging is local, hell I don't even need a
DIGI for that.  In fact my original question was to help me figure out
how to send messages without generating alot of traffic.  

Maybe I'm still being misleading and inaccurate, you'll never know.

David L. Martin
w0snj at arrl.net

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