[aprssig] Weather Display and Xastir and Linux

Brad McConahay brad at n8qq.com
Sun May 8 10:54:59 EDT 2005

Hi Les,

I've done it another way - I don't think WD has an actual raw wx data server
built into it.  Not that I could find, anyway.  So that's the piece your

Do you happen to have a weather station that's supported by the wx200d
server?  (http://wx200d.sourceforge.net/)  Supported stations are WX200,
WM918, WMR918, and WMR968.  This would allow you to do exactly what you're

You just get wx200d running and set up an "Networked WX" interface in Xastir
to point to it, and that's it.  Works like a champ.  And wx200d will run
concurrently with WD, so it doesn't stop you from running Weather Display at
the same time.

If you're running a different weather station, I guess your only hope would
be that maybe one of the other linux weather station packages would provide
that same kind of data server.

Not that it really matters, but I'm running Debian on the particular machine
I've done this on, which I believe is what you have when you do the Knoppix
install to HD.

Brad N8QQ

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I am trying to set up the above on the same computer (using an hd installed
version of knoppix!!!!)  I have gotten Xastir and Linux to work together.
I've even gotten WD and Linux to work together.  But I've not been able to
get all three to work together.  
Has anyone been able to get those three to work together?  
The idea that I had (cringe) was to get WD to be a server and Xastir to pick
it up via the networked WX interface.  Or is there another way?
I'm wanting to keep it one machine for $$$ sake.


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