[aprssig] Weather Display and Xastir and Linux

Hal Mueller hal at seanet.com
Sun May 8 16:15:55 EDT 2005

I've been using the "meteo" package on my 600 MHz Linux box (a tiny, 
completely silent micro-ATX beast).  You would AFAIK not be able to 
have xastir and meteo talking to each other, but you would have all 
functions on one box.


The setup is this:
meteo runs on Linux box, stores data to mySQL database.
Apache also runs on the Linux box, serves only weather pages
a cron job on the Linux box generates a display page every 5 minutes, 
uploads to CWOP and Weather Underground periodically.
another cron job on my company's main server fetches the display page 
every 20 minutes

So if I want to see the weather in the house, I hit the baby Linux box 
directly at its 192.168.xxx.yyy address.  Other users hit the web page 
at http://www.mobilegeographics.com/loyalheights or the FINDU page at 


On May 8, 2005, at 4:23 AM, Les Alverson wrote:

> I am trying to set up the above on the same computer (using an hd 
> installed
> version of knoppix!!!!)  I have gotten Xastir and Linux to work 
> together.
> I've even gotten WD and Linux to work together.  But I've not been 
> able to
> get all three to work together.
> Has anyone been able to get those three to work together?
> The idea that I had (cringe) was to get WD to be a server and Xastir 
> to pick
> it up via the networked WX interface.  Or is there another way?
> I'm wanting to keep it one machine for $$$ sake.
> 73's
> Les
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