[aprssig] PCsat Sate-Gates

John Ronan aprssig at ei7ig.org
Fri May 6 11:21:02 EDT 2005

> Actually I do not like nor receommend that approach.
> because the packets arrive into the APRS system with
> no indication that they came via Space.  They get
> marked as having been digipeated terrestrially...

Ok, thats fair enough...
> That is the ideal way to go.  You can have receivers
> on 145.800 for ARISS packets, on 145.825 for
> PCsat packets and 435.275 for PCSAT2 packets
> and/or a receiver on 437.975 for PCSAT2 9600
> baud packets.  See the ops plan for PCSAT2:
Heh, I don't have that many radios.. :(

In the college we're going to try and put one in place for PCSAT2 9600, 
if that doesn't work we will try 435.275.

I'll try and get my home server working on 144.800 over the weekend.... 
highly unlikely if its sunny though :)

I had another question re the UIFLOOD/UITRACE parameters in the Kenwood 

Firstly, we're going with a ubiquitous WIDE2-2 path here in the 
Southeast. We have done some tests, and we think that 'fill-ins' aren't 
really going to be of value so the path of WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1 should not 
be required. So, with that in mind...

Do the UITRACE/UIFLOOD parameters operate completely independently of 
the Digipeater setting on the radio?

It that were the case, I could set UITRACE to WIDE and if I were on an 
event requiring a 'fill in' digi, any device already programmed with a 
WIDE2-2 path would have its packets decremented and digi-ed correctly.

Are my assumptions correct or way off? Or would anyone have any other 

de John
John Ronan <jronan at tssg dot org>, +353-51-302938
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