[aprssig] WIDE2-2 is not enough in Chicago???

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Wed Aug 31 13:57:55 EDT 2005

 See below:

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>> WIDE2-2 alone isn't enough in Chicago. 
>>There would be major holes in coverage unfortunately.

>I hope everyone see's the problem here.  Just
>what does "isnt enough" mean?    It appears
>that this station wants his packets to go all over
>the entire northern state of Illinois.  WIDE2-2
>"isn't enough".

I live about 35 miles SW of downtown Chicago and can assure you that WIDE2-2
is quite adequate.  My mobile uses WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1 and rarely is out of
range of a WIDE.

>WHEN IN FACT, the density in down-town
>chicago has over 60 stations within 14 miles
>and ALL 60 of these stations are covered
>by one or 2 digis.  It appears to me that
>WIDE2-2 may be almost too much for central
>chicago or at  least, about right.

I agree completely.

>Stations have to realize that they cannot 
>expect to share a 1200 baud channel with
>a hundred other users without everyone
>limiting their path to only cover their own
>ALOHA circle.

>Anyone is welcome to zoom in on Chicago which 
>is one of the higher density APRS areas in the 
>country and see the area.  See:

>and select "stations near" and see the density
>of stations in central chicago..

The conversion to WIDEN-N in the Chicago area has greatly reduced the
traffic on 144.39.  It is now possible to successfully exchange messages
directly with another station.  Previously, the chances of success were
extremely low due to the ping-ponging of packets between digi's when
stations used RELAY,WIDE.  WIDEN-N ensures that we can reliably communicate
with stations within our local tactical areas.  

The biggest problem we now have in Illinois (aside from abusive paths) is
that several downstate WIDE digipeaters do not yet support WIDEN-N. 

We also see users using paths such as WIDE3-3,IL2-2.  In many of these
cases, the first WIDE digi will digipeat the packet beyond IL borders, and
IL2-2 will never be acted upon. Education is an ongoing process....

Bill KC9XG


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