[aprssig] WIDE2-2 is not enough in Chicago???

Patrick Green pagreen at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 12:56:22 EDT 2005

You read it wrong. WIDE2-2 as a stand alone path is not enough. Here I need 
WIDE1-1 before going to the "Level2" digis WIDE2-1 in this case. I'm not 
ludicris and run WIDE7-7 every 20 seconds when mobile ;-) The problem is the 
local wide is too high for it's own good. It's an alligator because of the 

73 de Pat --- KA9SCF.

On 8/31/05, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> > WIDE2-2 alone isn't enough in Chicago.
> >There would be major holes in coverage unfortunately.
> WOW!
> I hope everyone see's the problem here. Just
> what does "isnt enough" mean? It appears
> that this station wants his packets to go all over
> the entire northern state of Illinois. WIDE2-2
> "isn't enough".
> WHEN IN FACT, the density in down-town
> chicago has over 60 stations within 14 miles
> and ALL 60 of these stations are covered
> by one or 2 digis. It appears to me that
> WIDE2-2 may be almost too much for central
> chicago or at least, about right.
> Stations have to realize that they cannot
> expect to share a 1200 baud channel with
> a hundred other users without everyone
> limiting their path to only cover their own
> ALOHA circle.
> Anyone is welcome to zoom in on Chicago which
> is one of the higher density APRS areas in the
> country and see the area. See:
> http://map.findu.com/KA9SCF-2
> and select "stations near" and see the density
> of stations in central chicago..
> Bob
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