[aprssig] WIDE2-2 is not enough in Chicago???

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 31 11:08:39 EDT 2005

> WIDE2-2 alone isn't enough in Chicago. 
>There would be major holes in coverage unfortunately.

I hope everyone see's the problem here.  Just
what does "isnt enough" mean?    It appears
that this station wants his packets to go all over
the entire northern state of Illinois.  WIDE2-2
"isn't enough".

WHEN IN FACT, the density in down-town
chicago has over 60 stations within 14 miles
and ALL 60 of these stations are covered
by one or 2 digis.  It appears to me that
WIDE2-2 may be almost too much for central
chicago or at  least, about right.

Stations have to realize that they cannot 
expect to share a 1200 baud channel with
a hundred other users without everyone
limiting their path to only cover their own
ALOHA circle.

Anyone is welcome to zoom in on Chicago which 
is one of the higher density APRS areas in the 
country and see the area.  See:


and select "stations near" and see the density
of stations in central chicago..


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