Bad APRS citizens (was Re: [aprssig] Tiny Tracker?)

Tue Aug 30 15:33:53 EDT 2005

It is very unfortunate that such individuals exist out there.  We have a guy
(a couple of digis over) that is not only a poor APRS user, but whined
enough to get his local digi owner to switch his digi back to the old rules.
He spouts out these off the wall bulletins about kilocycle cops and such at
random.  Just a very unhappy guy.

Unfortunately the local users in my area don't have much say over our
digipeater that is in our area or we would have budlisted him a long time
ago.  I was able to budlist him from a couple of digipeaters that I do
assist in, though.

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Hey Jim,

I understand what you mean on the dont have/wont get part. There are 2 WX
stations in southern IN that I have budlisted from 6 digi's that I maintain
down here in TN. They were both sending out 4 packets a minute to WIDE4-4.
Repeated emails and messages, even to the local digi sysop went unanswered.
The local digi could "mute" the excessive paths at least, but like I said
just silence to my responses.

Other digi sysops in IL and KY also budlisted them because of the abusive
path/rate issue.

Anyways, for the most part there has been positive responses to emails and
messages so the 'education' continues.


James Washer wrote:
> Well, this brings up a sore point. How to handle folks that "don't
have"/"won't get" a clue.
> There's not much that can be done to keep them from consuming local RF
bandwidth from their direct packets, but the local community could easily
"black list" the station, or otherwise control the digipeating of the
station. Igates could do the same thing. I'm guessing that a typical Igate
is a full functioning PC, and hence could do any level of dup checking, for
arbitrary lengths of time.
>  - jim
> On Tue, 30 Aug 2005 12:46:40 -0600
> Bruce Coates <bruce.coates at> wrote:
>>We have a similar culprit around here and it's because he has a very 

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