[aprssig] OpenTracker news

James Jefferson Jarvis jj at aprsworld.net
Sat Aug 27 03:31:59 EDT 2005

You should consider putting space on the board for a built-in GPS. Trimple and 
others have absolutely tiny GPS receivers these days that draw barely any 
power. I just purchased 12 channel Trimle Lassen IQ receiver for $60 from 
www.sparkfun.com. The GPS is slightly bigger than a quarter and draws 
somewhere around 30mA @ 3.3 volts.

A full power tracker that is just one physical piece of hardware would be 
pretty hot. Literally connect GPS and 2 meter antennas, and power. Done.

 I just finished installing yet another Kenwood TM-D700A and have an external 
GPS does take room, draw power, and make more hassle. 



On Saturday 27 August 2005 02:17, scott at opentrac.org wrote:
> Also, I'm working on a tracker board that'll plug in to the Alinco DR-135T
> in place of the optional TNC.  Initially it'll at least do all the normal
> tracking stuff, including SmartBeaconing, but it's also going to be receive
> capable and will eventually be capable of sending station locations as
> waypoints to an external GPS.  Alinco sells their TNC for over $100 (the
> radio itself sells for about $169), and it only functions as a dumb
> tracker. Granted, it's also a 9600 baud TNC, but for those who don't need
> high speed data, I think a smarter tracker for somewhere around half the
> price would be useful.

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