[aprssig] OpenTracker news

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Sat Aug 27 13:02:35 EDT 2005

> You should consider putting space on the board for a built-in 
> GPS. Trimple and others have absolutely tiny GPS receivers 
> these days that draw barely any power. I just purchased 12 

I'm sure it could be done, but there are a couple of issues to consider.
First, the DR-135T only has a DB9 connector for external connectivity and
you'd need to get the GPS antenna out somehow.  Second, you can get full GPS
receivers (like the Deluo GPS Lite) that aren't much bigger than many patch
antennas.  I've been selling the Deluo units (wired for the OpenTracker or
TT3) for $65, and I'll probably carry a version with the Alinco cable at the
same price.  It's hard to find an OEM GPS + antenna for less than that,
unless you're dealing with very large volumes.

Yeah, it'd be nice to just have an SMA jack on the back of the radio, but it
might be more trouble than it's worth.


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