[aprssig] OpenTracker news

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Sat Aug 27 03:17:30 EDT 2005

A new version of the standard OpenTracker firmware is available for download
(build #53608).  This version adds a low voltage inhibit function to keep
from running down your car battery by disabling transmission when the supply
voltage drops below a set point.  I'll add the feature to the weather
version shortly - should be useful for solar powered stations.

Also, I'm working on a tracker board that'll plug in to the Alinco DR-135T
in place of the optional TNC.  Initially it'll at least do all the normal
tracking stuff, including SmartBeaconing, but it's also going to be receive
capable and will eventually be capable of sending station locations as
waypoints to an external GPS.  Alinco sells their TNC for over $100 (the
radio itself sells for about $169), and it only functions as a dumb tracker.
Granted, it's also a 9600 baud TNC, but for those who don't need high speed
data, I think a smarter tracker for somewhere around half the price would be

If you're interested in such a device, please let me know off-list.  I'm
just trying to get a feel for how many people might be able to use it, and
what volume I need to produce.


Scott, N1VG

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