[aprssig] D700A Data Band & No 2m band

Ken Kinyon w7ts at comcast.net
Sat Aug 20 11:40:47 EDT 2005

Hello Hasan,
Check the small print notes at left bottom of page 17 in the manual"
"you cannot recall the UHF sub-band in Band A and the VHF sub-band in Band B
at the same time."
I also was wondering what was going on with my radio until I finally found
this note.
Ken W7TS

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> I have a configuration problem.
> Typically, I have my d700a set up with databand A. I have
> both vhf and uhf
> freq's in memory.
> If I set the left side of the radio to 144.390 for aprs, (and
> aprs pkt mode)
> and use the right side of the radio for voice, I have full
> access to all my
> vhf and uhf memories on the right side, and can use the radio
> exactly as I
> want.
> When I want to monitor 437.975 for pcsat2, here is what happens:
> Left side of the radio is set to 437.975 in memory recall
> mode. Data band is
> still A, of course, but I'm now in PACKET TNC mode (for use with a
> computer). I have also tried this in VFO mode on the left
> side of the radio.
> I receive just fine, but now the right side of the radio will
> only allow me
> access to UHF memories and the UHF VFO.
> What I would like to be able to do is leave the left (data
> band A) side of
> the radio on PCSAT2, and use the right side of the radio for
> both vhf and
> uhf....just like it works when I use the d700 for aprs
> normally. I see only
> two differences:
> 1: I'm using the d700a on uhf on the left side instead of vhf.
> 2. I'm running in PACKET TNC mode instead of APRS PACKET mode.
> Is it possible that since I'm setting the tnc to PACKET vs.
> APRS mode, that
> I lose the functionality that I'm looking for?
> Can anyone help me accomplish what I want?
> TIA, 73
> ...hasan, N0AN
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