[aprssig] D700A Data Band & No 2m band

hasan schiers schiers at netins.net
Sat Aug 20 11:24:13 EDT 2005

I have a configuration problem.

Typically, I have my d700a set up with databand A. I have both vhf and uhf 
freq's in memory.

If I set the left side of the radio to 144.390 for aprs, (and aprs pkt mode) 
and use the right side of the radio for voice, I have full access to all my 
vhf and uhf memories on the right side, and can use the radio exactly as I 

When I want to monitor 437.975 for pcsat2, here is what happens:

Left side of the radio is set to 437.975 in memory recall mode. Data band is 
still A, of course, but I'm now in PACKET TNC mode (for use with a 
computer). I have also tried this in VFO mode on the left side of the radio. 
I receive just fine, but now the right side of the radio will only allow me 
access to UHF memories and the UHF VFO.

What I would like to be able to do is leave the left (data band A) side of 
the radio on PCSAT2, and use the right side of the radio for both vhf and 
uhf....just like it works when I use the d700 for aprs normally. I see only 
two differences:

1: I'm using the d700a on uhf on the left side instead of vhf.
2. I'm running in PACKET TNC mode instead of APRS PACKET mode.

Is it possible that since I'm setting the tnc to PACKET vs. APRS mode, that 
I lose the functionality that I'm looking for?

Can anyone help me accomplish what I want?

TIA, 73

...hasan, N0AN 

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