[aprssig] FlashBack!; Sony/RatShack GPS 201-1601

Matthew Stennett wa4tkg at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 20 05:04:31 EDT 2005

I am BACK;

I managed to aquire one of these little babbies
through one of my brothers.
(obviously it took FOREVER to get it from him...)
I have it wired to function just fine on
laptop/desktop/Win/Mac versions of GPS Applications.
I can NOT get it to work through my USB <> Serial
Adaptor on my 1st Generation iMac; DV, 400MHz.

  How do I go about feeding the GPS signal into the
TNC/APRS Program?
P.S. I also have the DeLorme Software that came with
it, anybody care to utor me through it's use?

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