[aprssig] Please think about the digest readers (was top posting)

Andy McMullin Andy at rickham.net
Sat Aug 20 04:12:16 EDT 2005

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 > Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 11:21:19 -0400
 > From: "A.J. Farmer (AJ3U)" <ajfarmer at spenet.com>
 > Subject: Re: [aprssig] Off Topic: Top Posting
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> > I suggest we ignore those who don't like how others post.  I'll
> >
 > ignore the top posters if you ignore the context posters.
 > This is going downhill fast.  Before this turns into a major flame  
 > would you guys mind taking it off the list?  I think you have all  
 > your valid points.

Just before this goes off the list, can I add a small plea? I don't  
really mind if you top, middle or bottom post but please will you  
trim the message??

Try subscribing to the digest version and you will see why. Page  
after page after page of stuff that is not referenced in any of the  
responses. Screens full of uselessness that you have to hunt through  
to find the next interesting posting.

Just my personal rant of course.

Andy, G8TQH

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