[aprssig] parked cars

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Fri Aug 19 20:33:14 EDT 2005

One thing some UI-View32 IGates out West here have started doing to help
folks catch a clue, since we've already made decent progress in implementing
and spreading the word about the New n-N Paradigm, is to set for a UI-View32
IGate, in C:\Program Files\Peak Systems\UI-View32\IGATE.INI


This will still pass packets with WIDE3-N and WIDE2-N and WIDE1-N from RF to
APRS-IS as before.
Unfortunately, we found you cannot put plain WIDE in there because then the
IGate will not pass _any_ WIDEn-N packets from RF to APRS-IS either.

Hope this helps.
73, Cap KE6AFE

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> Eariler this week I started this thread, and had a heck of a week
> at work.  I'm just catching up on sleep, and wanted to contribute
> just one more thing to this thread....  AND I'm not picking on
> anyone - I'm as guilty as the next guy or leaving my tracker on
> when I'm away - but I have drawn from  a real world example.
> This is that example.
> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/raw.cgi?call=KK4EB-15&time=1
> This guy is in atlanta using a NMEA tracker which puts out the
> longest string - 68 chars.  He's sending old positions from
> 01:16:20zulu on 08-17-2005.  It's presently 06:12:00 zulu.
> The path is relay,w6-6.
> KK4EB-15>GPSLK,N4NEQ-2*,WIDE6-6,qAo,KG4MUW-3:$GPRMC,011620,A,3402.
> 1155,N,08427.4196,W,0.000,0.0,170805,4.3,W*78
> This is the sort of thing I'd like the network to squash.  I'm
> sure he's saturating the ATL network, and I saw him on my way
> home from work at 2am in central SC.

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