[aprssig] parked cars

Ed L. Locklear, KF4CHG kf4chg at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 19 23:07:05 EDT 2005

Cap Pennell wrote:

> One thing some UI-View32 IGates out West here have started doing to help
> folks catch a clue, since we've already made decent progress in implementing
> and spreading the word about the New n-N Paradigm, is to set for a UI-View32
> IGate, in C:\Program Files\Peak Systems\UI-View32\IGATE.INI
> This will still pass packets with WIDE3-N and WIDE2-N and WIDE1-N from RF to
> APRS-IS as before.
> Unfortunately, we found you cannot put plain WIDE in there because then the
> IGate will not pass _any_ WIDEn-N packets from RF to APRS-IS either.
> Hope this helps.
> 73, Cap KE6AFE


Good tip on the IGate for UI-View.  Modified mine here at KF4CHG-10, 
will monitor the results.

Thanks again,


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