[aprssig] parked cars

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Fri Aug 19 20:04:21 EDT 2005

Eariler this week I started this thread, and had a heck of a week at work.  I'm just catching up on sleep, and wanted to contribute just one more thing to this thread....  AND I'm not picking on anyone - I'm as guilty as the next guy or leaving my tracker on when I'm away - but I have drawn from  a real world example.

This is that example.


This guy is in atlanta using a NMEA tracker which puts out the longest string - 68 chars.  He's sending old positions from 01:16:20zulu on 08-17-2005.  It's presently 06:12:00 zulu.

The path is relay,w6-6.


This is the sort of thing I'd like the network to squash.  I'm sure he's saturating the ATL network, and I saw him on my way home from work at 2am in central SC.

Although I appreciate the suggestions folks make the other day about auto power off relays, programming KPC3's to fall back and PM modes for parked cars on the kenwood radios, they won't fix the errant operator.  What I was trying to get at today is that people (including me) sometimes forget and leave radios on.  

The network should be smart enough to filter out redundant position info from a parked car (or a home station set to beacon once a minute).  For what it's worth... my intent here is not to make anyone (ie kk4eb) angry.  I see from the history on findu that it appears he was tinkering with his path today, probably in prep for the event which has been discussed here.

Frankly, I'm suprized many of the digipeaters I see in the ATL area digi'ed this packet with a R,W6-6 path.


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