[aprssig] How to digi 6x in the New APRS world?

Brian B. Riley brianbr at mac.com
Thu Aug 18 12:05:02 EDT 2005

Whoa! Do you really feel that as the signal propagates out it will only be
picked up by one and only one digipeater? You obviously haven't bene around
the NorthEast very much, though I cannot imagine the PNW being that

Cheers ... 73 de brian, n1bq, underhill center, vermont

On 8/16/05 1:55 PM, "Bill Vodall WA7NWP" <wa7nwp at jnos.org> wrote:

>> Well let's see, I personally know two rovers just in the NWVT area,
>> using our sparsely populated, by ham standards, as a guide that would
>> put the figure at 12-18 rovers minimum over the region Ev is  proposing
>> to cover. Allowing a 'gentle' rate of 15 minute beacons,  each rover
>> could possibly generate 4-600 frames per hour ... times   15 rovers let
>> us say, so 7.5-10K extra frames per hour .... I am  sorry but no network
>> can handle that much extra, it would be a major  additional load here on
>> the 'fringe' between the Montreal and Albany (NY) LANs, and if it got
>> into those LANS, which it would it would  cripple them.
> The math here is a bit exaggerated.  Each rover, at a 15 minute rate,
> would generate 4 packets per hour per digipeater.  So even with 20
> rovers, that's only 80 extra packets per hour - roughly one a minute.  A
> small price to pay for folks out "doing real radio stuff."
> Is somebody actually hears 120 digipeaters in one location - then yes,
> they would be a bit swamped.  If somebody hears 120 digis - they're
> swamped to start with.
> Bill
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